Swedish class: done

At last.. I am done with the course. Now, all I have to do is to wait and hear what grade I got. All I'm asking for is getting an acceptable one, it doesn't need to be astonishing. The only reason I signed up for it was to pass it and have it nicely on the paper with my merits. It has to be there or otherwise I can't apply for university later on..


Finished NP tests today, and there is bright light outside

Finally. I am done with the NP test. In Swedish that's "Nationella Provet i svenska" and in English.. just a mother test of all tests, meaning it's critical if you want to pass the course with anything else than an F :)

I have had a rough time trying to sleep, also, mainly because it's way too light outside. That's one of the few negative things I have to say about living up north when you really want to sleep. However, you can turn it to your advantage too, say if you're spending time outside with friends in a cottage, a summer's stay, just to mention one situation where it definitely is appreciated!

Yet another test coming on tomorrow in the morning hours. By the middle of next week I can relax and focus more on other things. That will be nice.

Update, May 18th

The grade was more than G (Good / Passed). I actually got VG (Very Good) on both parts of the test! Wohoo! Excellent.


Summer at the beginning of May

It turned into a summer climate about a week ago. We never had spring around here, it went from a cold winter into a comfortable temperature, enough to make it possible to talk a walk in shorts, enough to make you go out and embrace the sunlight .. for at least a little while, it all depends on your situation and mood of course.
I imagine myself sitting with a laptop next summer outside with WiFi if I'm alone. Else, an alcohol-free drink and dessert together with someone.