Suddenly you realise that the winter has arrived, it is pending between -10 and -18 degrees celsius, depending on the hour of the day, the daylight's under a short interval.. and being indoors I can still urge for ice cream occasionaly. My friends think that's very strange of me ;D.

There is not a lot to report right now and hasn't been for quite a while. Christmas is only a month away now and that feels very cool. It's probably the one and only event of the year that actually still is a firm and steady tradition here. Midsummer Eve is very important as well, but cannot be compared to Christmas.

The studies are going quite good. I get a little nervous sometimes right before those final tests, but except for that.. things are okay.

I've been working on my homepage today and I think it looks kinda cool now. It was hard to get the CSS 100% correct, but both the markup language and the Cascaded StyleSheets are strictly valid according to W3C, which I am pleased with, of course! :)


A day in town

Today I went to town with a friend to trade in a couple of console games for another, new console game. After that we bought some lunch: a very nice Chicken salad from a place called Katharina's. It turned out to be a perfect choice for food, I sure will return! :-}

I've been sick all week so far. Already sensed it this Sunday, and on Monday it was clear to me when I woke up in the morning. However, I've managed to recover from it very rapidly, step by step. If I continue make progress in this tempo, I will be fine on Tuesday when next class in school starts again. I say both fortunately and unfortunately for me, that this week was a vacant one.. on the other hand, I didn't have anything else to do this week, so.. not like it matters anyway, I suppose!


Wrote Multimedia course A final test

Doing final tests can either be fun or get you nervous. In this case it was fun, because I knew how to answer all the questions on the test! It took about 2 hours to write it, but I had lunch right before so my concentration was top class. Next week I will be starting to program in C++, the B course. That will be very interesting. This is despite that I have more need for knowing C and Java right now. Oh well, I get paid for studying (very, very puny, tiny, little though!) so I shouldn't complain all that much.


Rainy days

I've seen nothing but rain for a couple of days now. It should be snowing, rather, but no - it's raining! Things are not quite well with the studies right now, I need to visit the educational guidance office place and talk to them about my future in academics. It's very likely I have aimed at the wrong target. I have been eager for years to become a computer programmer, although I am hardly even mediocre. But I believe now I am better off with something I am truly good at: languages. Whether that is a better plan or not I have to find out by talking to the guidance people.

My main goal is to get a university diploma with high rank. If it's languages I will study or computer programming is not all that important, though, as long as I reach the goal of getting the diploma! It feels very important.

To me, a respectable finished education is worth at least 10 times having lots of money placed in bank accounts. And usually, having a good education means being able to get a very good job as well, which certainly also means a very good salary! I think the ideal situation is to have a respectable job you are satisfied and pleased with, a nice salary and a schedule that occasionally leaves some space for social activities with your partner, friends and family. So.. I will let that be a dream and make it reality!


E equals mc square

I am going to boost my math skills, starting next week. I need a much better grade and knowledge in math, which was very clear to me after the recent test I did, and failed miserably on. To discover this in time is a good thing, a good thing indeed. Since my plan is to study at the university already in one or two years from now (for now, the latest will be autumn 2006, earliest in autumn 2005) I need to improve my grades for math B and C, Swedish B and Religion A, as all these are standard classes today if you want to be able to get approved for the lucrative kind of university studies.

I am rescheduling: from 2 occasions a week, to 4-5 times a week! Hopefully this is going to result in a much, much better understanding of second degree equations, which is what I now lack the most, a crucial part of the math B course. This is benefiting me in more than just one way: it also in turn gives me a major boost when it comes to logics, self-confidence and somewhat how to think logically in computer programming. Let's just hope I will get hold of this very soon so that I don't need to have 4-5 hours a week for the whole semester! ;)